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Pharmx - connecting pharmacy and suppliers

PharmX launched in 2006 with the vision of streamlining invoicing and ordering for pharmacy and their suppliers.

The PharmX Gateway was developed in partnership between Australia’s major pharmacy IT vendors. It was developed as part of a strategic commitment to providing the pharmacy industry with an e-invoicing platform that all pharmacies and suppliers could use regardless of their technology.

The vision of providing a single e-invoicing gateway was based on recognition of the long-term importance of electronic processing for productivity and competitiveness of both pharmacy and pharmacy suppliers.

The Gateway has become the most extensive platform for connecting pharmacy and suppliers throughout Australia:
Used by 99% of Australia’s pharmacies
Integrating all major suppliers to pharmacy
Extended to New Zealand through participating Point-of-Sale software Vendors in 2016
Since launch, the gateway has grown to process approximately 2.2 million orders and invoices per month.

In addition, we continue to introduce new gateway features focused on creating a more productive environment for pharmacy and suppliers, with additional ordering functions such as stock checks, credits, and auto account set up direct from your POS system.

Talk to your POS software Vendor system provider if you would like to connect with more of your suppliers electronically.